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Encapsulated Transformers

Encapsulated PCB or Flying Leads Transformer Features
Avel's encapsulated standard transformers have been designed for both PCB and flexible lead connection. The resin filled thermoplastic case protects the transformer from harsh environmental conditions and accidental damage.

These low profile toroids are readily available for prototype trials. The methods and materials used in manufacture ensure a consistently high quality product.

These toroids can be operated continuously at power levels up to 25% higher than nominal in complete safety but are subject to degraded regulation and temperature rise figures.
The secondaries may also be connected in series or parallel but if isolated from each other the potential difference must not exceed 250V DC.

This type of construction can also be used for custom-built toroidals. Please contact us for more information.

General Specifications 
  • Available Primary 115 + 115V, US Threaded or Primary 120 + 120V, Metric Threaded
  • Input line voltage: 115 or 230V
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz Operating Range 47 to 400Hz
  • Secondary voltage tolerance: within 3% at nominal input and full load
  • Primary to Secondary insulation 2500V R.M.S
  • Maximum operating temperature 55 CE ambient
Additional Specifications and Information


Detailed Specifications (115+115V, US Threaded)

Detailed Specifications (120+120V, Metric Threaded)