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Technical Notes

Guide To Transformers - Temperature Rise
Avel's standard toroidal transformers are designed for a temperature rise of a maximum of 60C, and have a material rating of Class A (105C), although the winding wire used has a rating of Class F (155C) for additional reliability. This temperature rise is above the ambient temperature of approximately 30-35C.If a higher temperature rise can be tolerated by surrounding components and enclosures, then a reduction in transformer size may be considered. 

Avel can manufacture to most standard temperature classes, although the cost of the transformer will rise considerably due to the higher-cost materials that would be required. It is important to furnish expected ambient temperatures in a custom inquiry for any temperature class, as the running temperature of the transformer will be the ambient temperature plus the transformer temperature rise.

Below are some standard temperature classes.

Insulation Classes:

  • Y = 90 C
  • A = 105 C
  • E = 120 C
  • B = 130 C
  • F = 155 C
  • H = 180 C

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